Seattle’s Open Housing Ordinance and Up-scaled Zoning Plans – Episode 56

Seattle Real Estate Chat – Episode 56 (August 16th, 2016) – We talk about the new up-scaled zoning plans for Seattle and the local politics and challenges that face the increased density of Seattle. Rhonda shares details about current interest rates and some exciting new affordable home loan programs.

Here are the articles and links we used in our show:

Waiving Contingencies When Making an Offer – Episode 53

Waiving Contingencies Seattle Real Estate Chat – Episode 53 (April 12th, 2016) – Seattle's red-hot market is causing Buyers to waive contingencies to be competitive. What are the risks? What contingencies can be waived, or not?

What are the risks? Here's what we cover:
  • Waiving the Inspection Contingency
  • Waiving the Title Contingency
  • Waiving Information Verification Contingency
  • Waiving the Financing Contingency
  • Waiving the Appraisal Contingency



Trending Credit Reports – Episode 52

TRENDINGFannie Mae is introducing a new format for credit reports called “trending credit data”. How will this affect your ability to get a home loan? What variables will credit bureaus use to calculate this data? Should you be doing anything to make this new credit factor work in your favor? All of this and more will be discussed on Seattle Real Estate Chat this Tuesday, March 8th, 2016,

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SuperBowl 50 Real Estate Ads Critiqued – Episode 51

TV Ads during the Superbowl are some of the most watched TV commercials in the world. Real Estate and Mortgage Services are some of the top products advertised. Here are replays of the ads from this Superbowl 50 (on February 7th, 2016,) that Rhonda and I will be Critiquing on Seattle Real Estate Chat – Episode 51, this coming Tuesday, February 9th at 10AM.

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(Disclaimer: We are both Seahawks Fans, and therefore will not be picking team favorites)

Here are the Ads we are going to talk about:

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January 19, 2016 – Episode 50 Replay


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