Can You Top This?

Seattle high-rise developers are playing a game of one-upmanship. And the latest proposed high-rise takes the cake! This 500-foot tall mixed-use tower will be topped off with a stunning geodesic dome and a swimming pool that cantilevers over the tower at its 2000 Third Ave location.

According to the plans submitted by the architects to the city, the tower will consist of six floors of office space at the base, and above that will be 38 floors of residences topped off with a three-level dome with grass mounds, a wood deck for yoga and black river rock paving.

It will be interesting to see what developers will come up with next that can beat this!

Seattle’s Open Housing Ordinance and Up-scaled Zoning Plans – Episode 56

Seattle Real Estate Chat – Episode 56 (August 16th, 2016) – We talk about the new up-scaled zoning plans for Seattle and the local politics and challenges that face the increased density of Seattle. Rhonda shares details about current interest rates and some exciting new affordable home loan programs.

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